Take a Year Off

“You must take a year off, one of these days, before you’re old and tired and weighed down by responsibility. Go away somewhere, and read. Read all the important books. Educate yourself, then you’ll see the world in a different way.”

— Helon Habila

Find a Job

Be a Volunteer


If you want to spend this year on travel around the world, then use this precious time wisely. Start blogging about your travels, attach photos, video, write useful tips for travellers, tell people some interesting points about the countries you visited. Tell about their customs, traditions, and the unusual food that you have tried. It really can be an unforgettable time that you will remember all your life.

 What can I do on a gap year?

 Visit the Gap Year website to find a lot of information about the gap year and its opportunities.

 Gap Year (open in a new window)


 Where can I sell my photographs?

 You can sell your beautiful photos on the popular platforms. Visit the websites to find more information.

 Can Stock Photo (open in a new window)

 Shutterstock (open in a new window)

 Dreamstime (open in a new window)


 Where can I sell my articles?

 You can write and sell your articles on the most popular platforms. Go to the websites to find more information.

 iWriter (open in a new window)

 Writer's Market (open in a new window)

 Constant Content (open in a new window)


 How can I make money blogging?

 Visit the Pro Blogger website to find more information

 Make Money Blogging (open in a new window)

 Visit the Young Adventuress website and you can find the wonderful story of the popular blogger Liz.

 Young Adventuress (open in a new window)

 The blogging couple, Yeison and Samantha, who runs Mytanfeet are making money while they travel around the world and share their photos and stories on their blog.

 Mytanfeet (open in a new window)


 Where can I find more information about student travel?

 Visit the Student Travel area on the website to find more information about Travel safety, Travel Documents, Student Flights and more.

 Student Travel



 Did you find mistakes?

 Please feel free to relay your comments, suggestions or corrections, in case of omission or mistake.

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