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“A fit, healthy body – that is the best fashion statement.”

- Jess C. Scott

Night Out The Life of The Party

Smart tips to get fit

  Sport - is life!

Physical activity helps us to improve not only our waistlines and health but also improves our moods. Exercise helps us maintain the right weight, muscle mass, energy levels and activates your brain.

  Don't be lazy

Don’t be lazy! Try to allocate time for sports activities more often, after all, it's your body, and only you are able to determine how it will look and feel. Laziness breeds bad habits with the wrong diet, weight gain, and loss of muscle mass. Our sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and a decline in the quality of our lives.

  Change habits in your daily life

To achieve good results in sports, it is not only training that is important, but also your daily habits. Healthy eating, activity and good sleep have a positive effect on your weight, thoughts, and quality of life. Make sport your habit.

  Track your athletic progress

Track your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index to adjust your diet and sports activities accordingly.  Pay attention to body apps who help track the amount of sleep, activity time, and fluid level in the body. Such devices will help you keep your body under control.

  Drink plenty of clean water

The body loses a lot of water during physical activity. It is important to replenish the water balance in the body to avoid dehydration, weakness, and headache. Drink plenty of clean water during a day. This will help you maintain your hydration levels.

  Make the right choices

Decision making is quite difficult. In order to start playing sport, we sometimes lack motivation. Think about why you are ready to start training. Want a beautiful and fit figure? Want to lose weight and build muscle? Do you want to change something in your life? Then start today, go for a run and take your friends with you. Motivate each other, have fun, strive for the best!

Let's look at a list of fitness applications that will allow you to train effectively, saving your personal time. These useful applications will tell you the number of calories you have spent, and also give some tips on exercise and nutrition.

Charity Miles

Free to download

Walking & Running Tracker

Join the huge Charity Miles community

Get moving and start raising money for your charity

You can earn money for charity when you walk, run or bike

Go to Charity Miles to find more indormation (opens in a new window)

(Screenshots: Charity Miles from App Store)

Nike Training Club

Free to download

Track your fitness life

Flexible training plans

Workouts for all levels

Expert tips from top trainers

Personalised workout recommendations

Nike Training Club syncs your workouts with Apple Health

Go to Nike Training Club to find more indormation (opens in a new window)

(Screenshots: NTC from App Store)

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Free to download

Adjustable difficulty

Body Fat Visualization

Heart Rate integration

Create custom workouts

50+ HD instructional ab workout videos

Works with iPhones, iPads, Apple TV & Apple Watch

Go to Runtastic to find more indormation (opens in a new window)

(Screenshots: Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout from App Store)


Free to download

Best Run Tracking and Mapping

You can create a particular pace target

Create a custom challenge, invite friends

You can create, save, and discover new routes with GPS

Apple Watch, Bluetooth Connectivity and Fitness Tracker Integration

Go to RunKeeper to find more indormation (opens in a new window)

(Screenshots: RunKeeper from App Store)

My Water Balance



Statistics in graphs

Motivational awards

Useful tips about water

Water requirement calculator

Helps you drink water regularly

Go to My Water Balance to find more indormation (opens in a new window)

(Screenshots: My Water Balance from App Store)


Goal Setting

Barcode Scanner

Biggest Food Database

You can join the Community

You can customize Your Diary

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Go to MyFitnessPal to find more indormation (opens in a new window)

(Screenshots: MyFitnessPal from App Store)


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