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Learn to Drive a Car

A learner driver is driving a car with his instructor.

The driving instructor says to him:

"Look, why don't you pay attention to the traffic signs?"

"I don't have time to look at them, I need to keep my eyes on the road!"

Well, finally you’ve passed the test (with one or more attempts!), received the long-awaited "L" plate for the car and are ready to drive. The next important step is to find a stress-free driving instructor because he, in many ways, will affect how you will drive a car in the future.

Driving behaviour:

  Always be a polite driver because good driving behaviour starts with you. Please avoid verbal abuse, rude gestures and driving too close to other cars. This can make you seem aggressive and can cause other drivers to be aggressive too. 

Who can teach you to drive?

  Mother/ Father/ Uncles/ Aunts: They must hold a full driver's licence.

  Professional driver trainer: All qualified and licensed driving instructors must have a Driving Instructor’s Licence.

Who cannot teach you to drive?

  Your friends with their Ps (red and green).

  Any person who has lost their driving licence.

 NSW (New South Wales)

 WA (Western Australia)

 SA (South Australia)

 QLD (Queensland)

 VIC (Victoria)

 TAS (Tasmania)

 ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

 NT (Northern Territory)


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