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Australia Day

Tips for International Students

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

- Benjamin Franklin

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Tips before arrival

  Do you want to get higher education in Australia? Well, then start to prepare in advance. First of all, you need to decide what profession you want to get. Look for educational institutions with the best options to suit your needs.

The Good Universities Guide (Find a Course)

List of Universities in Australia


  Find out the cost of the course. Education in Australia is very expensive, so you need to pre-calculate all the possible costs associated with education. The tuition fee does not include the cost of the textbooks, living costs, accommodation, and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Also, you should know that there are other non-tuition fees such as late payment fees, etc. You can find information on the website of your chosen University.

University Reviews (Tuition Fees for International Students)

Studies in Australia (Study cost)


  If you have decided on an educational institution, chosen the course you need, estimated the cost of the whole experience and are ready for new adventures, then you have to think about a student visa and all the requirements that are attached to it.

Student visa


  Check your health and have a dental checkup. The services of all specialists in Australia are very expensive. Dental treatment can cost you quite a large amount, do not take risks, get your teeth checked before coming to Australia. Bring all the necessary medicines that you use. If possible, get a copy of your electronic medical record to know exactly when vaccinations were made and whether you have had any operations (for example, appendicitis). Do you have any diseases (for example, asthma or diabetes) or allergies (for example, nuts and lactose)? You can create a spreadsheet in Excel or use one of the apps below.


My Medical


  If you are lucky and you get a student visa, and everything is looking positive, then you need to decide on accommodation. You have to arrange accommodation before arriving in Australia. Where will you live while studying in Australia? What will it be: living on campus, will you share a room with a friend, rent a room near your University, or choose a homestay option?



  Another important issue that you will have to decide is how you will get to the accommodation from the airport. Will someone meets you, or will you order a taxi from the airport? Some Universities in Australia offer a service called an airport pick-up service. You must fill out an online application on the website of your chosen educational institution so that you are met at the airport. You will receive a confirmation of the service to the email you provided. Otherwise, you can take a taxi, use public transport, or use the service Uber.

Uber at the airport/ Get picked up and dropped off

 Tips after arrival

You have arrived in Australia, and now you need to take important steps to simplify your further stay in the country. You need to select a bank and open an account. You must provide a passport and a birth certificate, or a driving license. You can find and compare the bank accounts on the Finder website.

Finder (Student Banking Guide)



Commonwealth Bank






The student visa allows international students to work in Australia for up to 40 hours/per fortnight. You must prioritize and find out how many hours you can work. It is possible that you will not be able to allocate time for work since your studies will take up all your free time. Training in Australia is expensive, so focus on learning, and only then make a decision about how much to work. Also, you should know that in Australia there is a minimum wage set by the Government. If you are offered unfair payment for work, you can contact the appropriate authorities for investigation. If you plan to work in a bar, restaurant, or cafe where alcohol is sold, you need to have an RSA. If you plan to work in a place which provides a gambling service, you need to have an RCG.

Find a Job



Before you start working, you need to apply for a TFN (Tax File Number). Go to the Australian Taxation Office to find more information. Please note that you can receive your TFN 28 days after the application was submitted.

Getting a TFN

ATO (Studying in Australia)


During the training, you will need textbooks. Textbooks in Australia are very expensive. You can always find the book you need on the website StudentVIP, where you can later sell them again. Many Australian students use this resource to buy and sell their used books.

StudetVIP (Cheap Textbooks)


Do not forget to get a student card at your University, with which, you can often get some discounts. Go to The Best Discounts For Students to find more information about special deals. You also can apply for an International Student Identity Card to get discounts in Australia and around the world.

ISIC (International Student Identity Card)

The Best Discounts for Students


Look for friends and like-minded people. To learn to speak English well, you need constant contact with people, preferably with native speakers. Very popular online network provides the opportunity to find people with similar interests and hobbies. Attend various activities to be fully involved in Australian life. Be careful, not all new acquaintances may be safe. Stop communicating with new friends if they involve you in a crime, drugs, or any illegal activity.

Find Friends

Events in Australia


Public Transport in States & Territories

Public transport in Australia is available and very diverse. You can use buses, ferries (water taxi), trams, trains, and light rail. The availability of transport will depend on your location. Follow the links in the table below and you will find full information about public transport in your state & territory and the possibility of purchasing a travel card.










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