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Day Planners

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way”

- Henry David Thoreau

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The Best Day Planners

Sometimes we just do not notice how fast time flies. Increasingly, important projects that we have planned remain untouched. And why? Because we cannot manage our time. Daily planning will help us to do all those projects, and there will also be free time for entertainment. You need to learn good time management and how to prioritise your study, so you have enough time to work, rest and play! Let's look at the best programs that will help you in your daily planning.

My Study Life



  Easy to use

  This is a planner app for students, teachers, and lecturers.

  Helps to organize your exams, assignments, tasks, and more.

Visit the My Study Life website to find more information (opens in a new window)

(Screenshot: "My Study Life")

My Study Life 


  Easy to use

  Captures task by voice

  Helps to organize your time

  Works across the different platforms

  Helps to organize your time and a day

  Offers to upgrade to a premium version

Visit the website to find more information (opens in a new window)

(Screenshot: "")



  Easy to use

  iOS & Android

  Perfect planning app

  Basic version: free (with ads)

  Premium version: $4.99/ year

  The app will sync all your devices

Visit the myHomework website to find more information (opens in a new window)

(Screenshot: "myHomework")


iStudiez Pro 


  Powerful planner tool

  Creates notifications

  Supports Windows and Mac

  Syncs all data with your devices

  Integration with Google Calendar

  Helps to manage your assignments

  Combines schedule, homework, and grades

Visit the iStudiez Pro website to find more information (opens in a new window)

(Screenshot: "iStudiez Pro)

iStudiez Pro



  Easy to use

  Syncs with all your devices

  Discount for eligible students

  Share your notes with friends

  You can collect everything in one place

  Provides basic, Plus, and Premium plans

Visit the Evernote website to find more information (opens in a new window)

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