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Accommodation Tips

Before signing a contract, you should study the important points related to renting a room. Carefully study the contract, especially the text in fine print. You cannot imagine the number of interesting things mentioned there.

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Accommodation Tips

  Be Ready

You must find a place to live before you start learning, and therefore, you should take time to find suitable accommodation so that you are not distracted once you start studying.

  Ask for Advice

Most institutions will have accommodation services and can provide information on a range of accommodation options and their costs.

  Read the Contract

A Contract is a long and boring thing. You should read it even if you may not understand everything, especially what is mentioned in the fine print. If you have the opportunity, discuss the terms of the contract with your parents or with people who may understand even a little about what is written in it. Do not sign the agreement without looking at it or after reading it superficially.

  Beware of Scams

Be careful when looking for housing; avoid questionable offers. If you are offered accommodation that is much cheaper than anything else in this area, then think twice about it – it could be the work of scammers.

  Inspect residence before signing the contract

It's a good idea to make sure that such a home exists. Never shell out money before signing the contract.

  Check the accommodation according to the description

Check for a bed, toilet, and shower. Prepare a full inventory. Take your own photos of the rooms and make notes of any faults. An inventory is basically a checklist for both the landlord and the tenants to list any furniture provided by the landlord.

Accommodation Tips

What the hell? You said it is a Queen room!


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