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Travel Medicines

“Traveling is the best medicine for the soul, but do not forget to grab something for the body.”

- Unknown

During a journey, we may encounter various ailments, such as a headache, sore throat and stomach. Most active travellers often complain of muscle pain, back and neck pain. Therefore, medicines are an integral part of our journey. Properly selected medications can save your health and make your trip unforgettable.


  First of all, you have a checkup and talk to your GP. Find out which vaccinations need to be done before going abroad. If you have some kind of chronic illnesses, such as asthma and diabetes, discuss with your doctor the possibility of purchasing more medications that are necessary for the trip. Do not forget to take a letter from your GP about what prescribed medications you will carry with you and their specific purposes.

The most important element in preparing for a trip is a vaccination against diseases that you can get in another country. You should understand that some dangerous diseases do not respond to treatment and can cause serious complications. Talk to your doctor about proper vaccination. Visit the International Travel Vaccination Centre to find more information.

Travel Vaccines (opens in a new window)

Phone: 1300 55 70 70

Create an Emergency Card

  Secondly, you need to make it clear if you have any allergies. Write it on a small card and put it in your wallet. In a case of emergency, you can avoid anaphylactic shock caused by medical drugs, such as antibiotics.

Emergency Card

 Name & Surname:



 Home phone:

 Home Address:

 Hotel Address:

 Emergency Contact:


 Seasonal (pollen):

 Medicines (antibiotics/?):

 Animals (cat/ dog):

 Food (nuts/?):

 Chronic Diseases

 Asthma: type

 Diabetes: type

Create a Health Kit

  Create a first aid kit for your trip. Create a checklist with an explanation of your medications.

 Travel Health Kit



How to use?

 Ibuprofen  Anti-inflammatory medication  As needed
A nasal spray  Blocked nose  Three times/day
A doctor's advice Allergy A doctor's advice 
 #  Antiseptic  #
 #  Diarrhoea  #
 #  Vomiting  #
 #  Muscle spasms  #

More Info

International Drug Names

Visit site

If you run out of essential medicines and you are in a foreign country, visit the site to find the right medicine in another country (opens in a new window).


Travelling with medicines and medical devices

Visit site

You should know what limitations exist with medicines and medical devices. Visit the Department of Health website to find more information (opens in a new window).


Travelling with reduced mobility or medical devices and aids

Visit site

If you need any medical devices that are necessary for you on the journey, please read the rules of transportation. You should have a letter from your doctor, indicating the need to use these devices. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website to find more information (opens in a new window).


Travelling with PBS medicine

Visit site

You should know what medicines you can take with you on board, and which ones are better packed in a suitcase. If you are travelling on domestic flights within Australia, you can take prescription and non-prescription medicine on-board. In case you are planning a trip abroad, you need to know the rules of transport of medications. Visit the Department of Human Services website to find more information (opens in a new window).


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