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“Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.”

- Rumi

In a park, you can experience the magnificence and amazing atmosphere of greatness and beauty of our nature. Nature reveals all the colours of its splendour in the forests, mountains, plains and meadows. Merging with nature is so imperceptible that we immerse ourselves in the most secret and unexplored corners of nature and the universe itself. Only alone with nature, we feel calm, stronger, and more confident.

“Enjoy the little things in life, because when you look back, you realize they were the big things.”

- Unknown

"And this over here," croaked the 85-year-old museum tour guide, "is a fossil 5 million and 59 years old, on its left, you can see another fossil that's 3 million and 59 years old."

"Wow! That's really fascinating," said a fellow in the audience. "How can you age it so accurately to the year?"

 "Well, that's simple," answered the old man, "It was 3 million years old when I started working here 59 years ago."

“Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities and spark change.”

- Mantraa Media & Events

“Celebrate. Learn. Enjoy. Win. Innovate. Create. Rest. Dream. Love. Do. Be.”

- Robin Sharma



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