Intellectual Entertainment

“I would call an intellectual one whose instrument of work - his mind - is also his major source of pleasure; a man whose entertainment is his intelligence.”

- Marya Mannes

Many of us don't like to spend time in nightclubs or hang out with friends. Some people like to read books, solve crossword puzzles, explore new horizons or just pass various IQ or MIT tests. This kind of an entertainment is called intellectual entertainment. Let's find out where you can intellectual have fun on the net.

Google provides us with a lot of the wonderful applications

Zigot Body - Here you can view the 3D model of a person from all sides. You can see a person in a section, bones, muscles, or blood vessels. It is suitable for fans of anatomy.

Google Sky - Here you can stroll through the galaxy, see the cosmos through the most powerful telescope, and see the results of recent research.

Google Mars - This is a joint project with researchers from the US Space Agency (NASA). Here you can find one of the most detailed maps of the red planet.

Google Earth - Here you can view our entire planet in the satellite photos.

Google Moon - Here you can see where the moonwalkers landed and what they were doing on the surface.

Google Art & Culture - This is an interactive project that provides an opportunity to do a virtual tour of the greatest museums and exhibitions, and almost touch the heritage of our civilization.

Tests IQ & MIT

IQ - Intelligence Quotient

An intelligence quotient is a total score to assess human intelligence which derived from several tests. (opens in a new window)

Free - IQ (opens in a new window)

The (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

MIT - Multiple Intelligences Test

Multiple intelligences test is a way to identify your strengths. Multiple intelligences is Howard Gardner's psychological theory that describes the different types of people's intelligences. The psychologist described 8 types of intelligence:

Visual / Musical / Linguistic / Naturalist / Interpersonal / Intrapersonal / Bodily-Kinesthetic / Logical-Mathematical

Edutopia (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

The Games

Nowadays, you can play chess or checkers sitting at the computer. You don't need to look for someone who wants to play these games. On the net, you will always find a person who would like to join you. - Here you can play chess online with over 15 million members (opens in a new window).

24.7 Checkers - Here you can play checkers with the computer or with friends (opens in a new window).

Rubik's Cube Explorer - Here you can collect Rubik's Cube online. This will help you think, look for solutions and develop the brain (opens in a new window).

Tic - Tac - Toe - You can play the game called Noughts and Crosses for free with one or two players (opens in a new window).



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